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About us

We are a team of dedicated workers, shops and dispensaries dedicated to distributing and supply of Jay Z’s monogram luxury brand cannabis. Monogram dispensary took off sometime in November 2020 opening about 10 dispensary branches  all over the united states and Canada. But due to the corona virus pandemic, we’ve had to temporarily suspend all our physical dispensaries and open our doors to the internet world and its services. Due to this advancement, monogram dispensary has  also outgrown our physical boundaries by offering out our services out to the world and to other countries as we have made permanent arrangements and agreements with our partners at shipping and logistics companies where we ensure discrete and guaranteed delivery to all our companies. We hence offer our services to a wider audience through this website (https://monogramdispensary.com) and none other. Please make sure you don’t get fooled by any other scheme as there is only one monogram dispensary which offers  monogram delivery services online.

We  Pride ourselves as being the only dispensary in the world tasked with the job of delivering the monogram company’s product through out world. We believe the luxury brand should not be limited to a selected few, that’s why we came up with monogram dispensary, inorder to level the playing field and make the luxury monogram brand available to all

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Monogram Dispensary’s Story

Our team began with an idea and a team of individuals in the who decided carry on the monogram company’s goal and pass on the originality and dignity in each and every gram of a monogram bud. Monogram Prides itself in redefining cannabis standards and bringing well trimmed buds to the cannabis market. Monogram, known as the luxury brand from Superstar Rapper Jay Z is making waves in the market and has outright out sold and surpassed any other weed brand there is. This is no surprise as monogram is undoubtedly fulfilling and satisfying in every way. It brings to life that dreamlike and euphoric feeling which is widely sought after, alongside the energy and creativity, depending on the category number you choose to smoke.

It would be stating the obvious to say that we massively recommend that you try monogram brand products, but still, we encourage you to select a bud type, place an order, and have it delivered to you, so you understand what all the fuss is about. Monogram is not just cannabis, it is luxury cannabis for all.

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mONOGRAM dispensary (2)
mONOGRAM dispensary (2)
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